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ConnectPlus / Acasia

Brief Overview of ConnectPlus / Acasia


Cable Infrastructure (1)


Cable Infrastructure (2)


Bilateral E2E (End-to-End) ACASIA
Jointly offered by Singtel and our partners. It covers > 80 destinations Full IPLC circuit supported over SingTel’s own cable infrastructure Intra-ASEAN consortium of carriers pooling together resources to offer IPLC in the ASEAN region *

* Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei and Indonesia


Types of Services:


ConnectPlus / Acasia: ATM

Brief Overview of ATM


ConnectPlus ATM is designed from the ground up to support multimedia applications. In general, it is the service of choice if a customer demands multimedia support, high speed transport capability, network manageability and network accountability functions. It is able to meet point-to-point, point-to-multipoint as well as multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity needs.

ConnectPlus / Acasia: Connect Plus Ethernet

Brief Overview of Connect Plus Ethernet


The ConnectPlus Ethernet Line (Cplus E-line) is a resilient, cost effective managed service providing secured international connectivity between two geographical dispersed locations using virtually concatenated SDH backbone network capacity to achieve the required throughput. Selectively chosen and certified local MetroEthernet providers in the various serving ConnectPlus territories would provide the local MetroEthernet access to the Cplus E-Line Service.

ConnectPlus / Acasia: Frame Relay

Brief Overview of Frame Relay


SingTel ConnectPlus Frame Relay is a managed end-to-end Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution for your business communication needs. It provides you with a high performance, integrated data network, together with the services and benefits of SingTel ConnectPlus.


With the proliferation of distributed computing, LAN (Local Access Network) and other high-speed data applications, businesses need a proven WAN (Wide Area Network) solution that is reliable and cost-effective.


ConnectPlus Frame Relay is highly reliable and is designed to deliver high performance LAN interconnections securely. It is empowered to support your distributed computing applications without using dedicated, point-to-point leased circuits.


Coupled with a comprehensive suite of Value-added-services and features, such as Service Interworking, Router Management Service (RMS) & Secured Remote Access (Global Private Dial), ConnectPlus Frame Relay is able to offer you a complete solution to meet your business needs.

ConnectPlus / Acasia: IP - VPN

Brief Overview of IP – VPN


ConnectPlus IP-VPN has a suite of IP services designed to provide a complete and reliable integrated communications solution to address customers’ business needs. Running on ConnectPlus IP backbone, ConnectPlus IP-VPN is a high quality, fully-managed and secured networking service. It aims to provide customers with a single high performance connection to the Internet, Intranet and Extranet. With this service, your customers, business partners and suppliers can gain ready access to your networks through fast and dependable TCP/IP connections across the world from Asia to Europe , US and beyond.


Customers subscribing to…

ConnectPlus IP-VPN suite of services will also enjoy full range of SingTel ConnectPlus benefits including one-stop-shop services for single end ordering, billing and fault reporting etc.
ConnectPlus IP-VPN operates on SingTel’s own private and managed IP infrastructure built on dedicated links to countries having ConnectPlus’s Points of Presence (PoP).Customers can build their global private networks using ConnectPlus IP-VPN via leased line, ISDN line and even traditional dial-up line to provide access for users at remote sites or on the move.

ConnectPlus / Acasia: IPLC

Brief Overview of IPLC


IPLC is a corporate data transmission service based on TDM technology which provides customers dedicated point to point connectivity between their offices in different countries. Customers are able to enjoy the benefits of an efficient and cost-effective telecommunications facility that supports voice, fax, data, messaging, image and video communications.