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Brief Overview of DigiNet


SingTel DigiNet is a complete suite of high-performance leased line services made available island-wide for businesses that require scalable and secured private data networks.
With its full network diversity options, SingTel DigiNet offers a range of highly robust and reliable services.


NOTE: The A-end and B-end of the Service must be a legally valid business or residential address at premises owned by the Customer in Singapore. The Service shall not terminate at any premises not approved by SingTel for that purpose, including but not limited to cable stations, earth stations, SingTel telephone exchanges, manholes, rooms housing a main distribution frame, power rooms, lead-in pipes, ducting, at any outdoor site, or at any premises not owned by the Customer. SingTel shall not entertain any request for termination of Service at any such sites.


Brief Overview of GigaWave


A managed metropolitan optical network service with end-to-end monitoring and service level assurance. It is a Metropolitan Optical Area Network (MAN) that incorporates state-of-the-art Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. It offers flexibility in connections and connection speeds, service protection and manageability.


Positioning Statement


SingTel GigaWave is a state-of-the art gigabit optical networking solution offering high-speed connectivity to customers who need real time applications such as Storage Area Network (SAN), Disaster Recovery service and imaging applications.
It provides excellent network resilience and scalability to meet customers’ changing needs.



  • BlackBerry Handhelds
  • BlackBerry Software
  • Wireless Data/Voice Services

Brief Overview of Meg@POP


SingTel Meg@POP is a comprehensive suite of IP services for businesses which need a secured connection to multiple locations, parties or services in Singapore. It provides a simple and cost effective one-stop IP networking solution that meets customers’ Intranet, Internet and Applications needs. SingTel Meg@POP is not just an IP VPN service. It is a combination of IP-based services offered over a suite of island-wide, DSL and optical-based access with access speeds ranging from 512Kbps to 155Mbps.

Some of its key features are:

  • Carrier-grade IP solution
  • Superior Connectivity
  • A ready customer base
  • A marketplace

Architectural Overview


The illustration below gives an overview of Meg@POP’s architecture, and how the various accesses can be combined (if so desired) to provide a total IP networking solution. Once connected into the Meg@POP network, a range of Network Services are available – some provided by SingTel (e.g. extranets, S-One connectivity), others by third party service providers (e.g. Internet access, ASP services). These services, together with the customer’s VPN traffic, can all be delivered over a single access connection from each site.


Brief Overview of MetroEthernet


Looking for a scalable and reliable network to support your business operations island wide? SingTel MetroEthernet is the answer to your needs.