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Brief Overview of SingTel EXPAN


EXPAN – Managed Hosting Telco Solutions You Can Count on. Leave the complexities of managing your own data and servers to us. Why risk having a huge IT infrastructure start-up costs and equipment obsolescence when you can leverage on our suite of Managed Hosting Telco Services available.


Brief Overview of BlackBerry


BlackBerry is the leading wireless solution that keeps mobile professionals connected to people and information while on the go.
It is a proven platform that provides users around the World with wireless access to a full suite of business/ personal applications, including email, corporate data, phone, SMS, web and organizer features.
BlackBerry is a totally integrated package that includes hardware, software and service, providing a complete end-to-end solution.


  • BlackBerry Handhelds
  • BlackBerry Software
  • Wireless Data/Voice Services
DEL Business

Brief Overview of DEL Business


DEL – Business
Analogue Telephone line for Business Telephone.
Used either as single line or hunting lines which terminate at the customer premises equipment such as single line phone, KTS/ PABX.
May be used with Direct Inward Dialing


Brief Overview of SingTel i-PhoneNet


What is i-PhoneNet service?


A feature-rich solution that grows with customers’ needs.


SingTel i-PhoneNet is a network-based alternative solution to an IP PABX offering within mainland Singapore. It allows customers to enjoy feature-rich Value-Added Services (VASes) like remote office, voicemail to e-mail notification, instant messaging, remote presentations, simultaneous ring, click-to-dial, call logs and more.
Thanks to its flexible and modular hosted service offering, it enables customers to be able to size its communications requirements to keep pace with their business expansion, as well as, be able to keep abreast with the rapid evolution of relevant technology – all this without having to be burned with significant upfront costs, and/or having to assume any risks.
So they can look forward to future enhancements which SingTel will continue to roll out. For example, conferencing, inclusion of the support of PDA, mobile phone access, instant messaging and presence as well as support for soft-phone client, etc.


Brief Overview of SingTel ISDN


ISDN stands for Integrated Service Digital Network:

  • A digital line that allows you to transmit high speed data and clear quality voice simultaneously over a single telephone line
  • Digital ~ each channel at 64kbps, which refers to ‘B’ channel
  • ISDN2 is 2 channels, total guaranteed bandwidth is 128kbps
  • ISDN30 is 30 channels, total guaranteed bandwidth is 2mb